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Hacienda Villa Application
Please fill out and submit the following questions.
I've been coming to rope bite for the last three months, a few parties. I've talked to the villains. J Iust kinda been around.
Kyla "Sky" Selby
Do you work from home?
Do you live in New York City now?
She her
What do you do for a living? I'm a flight attendant
What is your budget for rent and utilities? $800-1200
Give a range, such as $1200-$1400.
What is your current housing situation? I have a crashpad in queens and a room in dad's house in Kentucky. I also stay with John.
When do you want to move out? Whenever. I'm flexible.
Who in the sex positive community can act as a reference for you? John lubotsky. Oz. Jefe berkley.
Please provide as many names and email addresses as you wish.
Do you have experience living in a community?
Do you go to or are you interested in sex parties?
Please provide a link to your preferred social media account.
What else would you like us to know about you?
How do you feel about relationships, polyamory, and sex positive culture?
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