H2O Premarital Discipleship Interest Form
Congratulations on your engagement!

We are excited come alongside you and to help you learn the building blocks for establishing a Christ-centered marriage.
The Premarital Discipleship program will walk through topics that are good to discuss before marriage.

Please fill out and submit the following form so that we know you're interested in joining the program!
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Please note the following: You are responsible for asking any H2O pastors to officiate your wedding, and we are unable to guarantee that the pastor you as for will be available. Additionally, if your wedding is two hours away or more from Columbus, Ohio, we request that you offer to pay for the pastor's lodging, travel, and food expenses.
If someone else will be officiating your wedding, who is it and how are you connected with them? *
(For those who have asked or will ask an H2O pastor, please enter: "N/A".)
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