October 14 & 15, 2017 Nose Work Volunteers
Selecting your Assignment Preferences below does not guarantee that you will receive that assignment. However, everyone who wants to will get a chance to watch dogs work at some point during the day.
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Description of Volunteer Jobs
Timer: Use a stopwatch to time dogs during their run.

Judge's Steward: Give competitors a reminder of the rules before they come to the line, pass score sheets on to the score runner, assist in the competition area as needed.

Gate Steward: Make sure the "on deck" dog is ready and help manage traffic flow to and from the crating area to the competition areas. Help competitors remain calm and keep dogs safe.

Videographer: Video each competitor's runs at an element for the NACSW records.

Score Runner: Take score sheets from the Judge's Steward or Judge to the score table. Sheets will need run every few dogs or so.

Box Setter: Reset boxes that are out of place after each dog during the box drill.

Scorekeeper: Work at the computer entering score results.

Competitor Check-in: Check in competitors as they arrive, direct them to appropriate crating areas, pass along any site rules, and answer other questions.

Set up-arrive early and help set up.

Tear down-stay late and help clean up.

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I would like to volunteer Saturday Oct.14 2017 for the NW1 Trial:
Select all that apply or skip this question if you cannot volunteer on Saturday.
I would like to volunteer Sunday Oct. 15, 2017 for the NW1 Trial
As these are two separate trials occuring on the same day, you may volunteer for the trial you are not competing in. Select all that apply or skip this question if you cannot volunteer on Saturday.
Do you have a canopy that we can use for the trial? If so, please list how many and what days they could be used.
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Do you have a vehicle that could be used for the vehicle search element of the trial? If so, please list vehicle type and what days it could be used.
The vehicle must not have had any odor on it in the last 4 weeks. There is a chance dogs will jump on or paw at the vehicle...we do our best to prevent it, but please do not volunteer your vehicle if this concerns you as we cannot reimburse you for damages.
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