Questionnaire for Parents /Guardian
1. Student's Name
2. Student's class and semester *
3. The year of student's admission and class: *
4. The time of student 's coming and leaving the college *
5. Are you satisfied with the teaching learning process of the college? *
6. Are you satisfied with discipline maintained by the college? *
7. How would you rate the infrastructure of the college? *
8. Do you think that the college environment is conducive for the overall development of yourward? *
9. Is the student concerned taking any scholarship from the college? *
10. Does the student participate in extra-curricular activities? *
11. What other extra-curricular activities do you want in college? *
12. Does the student attend the national festivals, celebrated in college? *
13. Is the student not a victim of ragging? *
14. Does the student have access to books from the college library? *
15. Do you want the students to have a mobile phone in the college? *
16. Is the student aware of her health? *
17. Is the student aware of her rights? *
18. Has the student contributed towards environmental protection? If yes, kindly provide details of that activity *
19. Any other suggestion
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