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Log a scientific paper, white paper or other publication related to climate change, conservation, or other SDGs to the Climate Link database. Please complete all the fields below:
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Copy and paste the official citation link or PDF download link. Please do not use a news article about the publication.
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Do not use quotation marks. If the title starts with an article (The, A, An), please skip the first word in the title. If the link triggers a download please end with “(PDF)”.
Author *
Most papers will have many co-authors. Use the convention citing the lead author’s last name (i.e. Author et al.) and papers with only two co-authors use both last names (i.e. Author & Author). For publications with a single author use the first initial and last name (i.e. F. Author).
Year *
The year of the paper’s publication (not the year it was submitted for publication).
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Please the use acronym of the primary university, organization or other institution behind the publication (University is abbreviated as “U”). If you do not know the institution, please use the lead author’s affiliated institution (you can usually find this by clicking on their name on the paper’s official web page).
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Please provide the most compelling finding from the paper. This is not meant to be a summary, but the main scientific statement that can be made from the paper. Please keep these as succinct as possible (approximately 50 words more or less).
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