PATTERN Workshop 3.0
PATTERN is in the process of transitioning to a bigger space that can better accommodate all the activity that happens around creating PATTERN magazine and putting on PATTERN events! This survey is designed to gauge interest in the types of amenities we plan on having and to see if people outside of PATTERN are interested in co-locating with us by way of co-working, and space sharing. With a good number of co-working spaces already available in Indianapolis, we are curious to see if there is a demand for a co-working space that caters specifically to creatives. It's really important that you answer all questions, but especially the final one where you have a chance to briefly describe if you think that PATTERN workshop would be important to the local creative community and why. Thanks for your time!
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Please explain why you think that PATTERN workshop would be an important resource/amenity for local digital & fashion entrepreneurs. If you've already benefitted from PATTERN's existence and work in Indianapolis, please share your story. (We ask for this information not to give ourselves a pat on the back, but because funders and donors want to see this in order to continue supporting what we do.)
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