SURVEY : Your public school
This fall, the JE PROTÈGE MON ÉCOLE PUBLIQUE ("I Protect My Public School,” known by its French initials JPMEP) movement will be participating in various consultations on education in Québec. The objective of this survey is to hear your opinions and views, so that we can properly represent you.

This survey will take only 10 to 15 minutes of your time… or perhaps a bit more of you have a lot to tell us! Parents, we encourage you to answer it with your children. Students in high school and the higher grades of elementary school, you can answer it too and ask your parents to comment on your responses.

Through this survey, JPMEP wants to speak for the students who attend Québec’s schools, as well as for their parents and all citizens who care about the future of public education in the province.
First, please tell us who’s answering this survey!
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If there is more than one person answering now, you will be able at the end of this survey to restart in order to submit new responses.
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