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This form authorizes us to handle your pet and to give them lots of love and treats. Paz employees have gone above and beyond to ensure safety and satisfaction for puppy attendees. By signing this form, I hereby agree to abide by all rules and policies as set in this contract. I also guarantee my honesty in filling out the questionnaire below. I understand that my puppies' attendance is not without risk. I hereby agree that Paz Veterinary or Paz employees will not be held responsible for any injury, expense, costs or damages to my puppy or attendees of class. Paz may occasionally photograph or film training classes for promotional or educational purposes and I consent to my puppies' image being used for promotional or educational purposes. I understand that if I miss class, I will not be refunded. Make up classes will be discussed on an individual basis and may require an extra fee. I also acknowledge that these training classes are meant to help owners teach basic commands and will require practice outside of class to perfect any behavior.
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