WASC Student Survey
If I wanted to, there is a club or sport on campus I would be a part of.
Being involved in clubs or sports encourages me to come to school.
There are many club and/or sport options on campus for me to get involved.
The teachers at SHS act professionally.
The teachers at SHS are well-qualified to support students and their learning.
SHS has enough staff to meet the needs of all students.
The administration at SHS provides good leadership.
The administration at SHS is visible on campus during the school day.
The administration at SHS is accessible to students to address comments or concerns about the school.
The school's facilities are sufficient to meet the needs of all students.
Classes at SHS are challenging.
I am familiar with the school's "Graduation Requirements"
I am familiar with the school's learning outcomes
I work to my fullest potential to be successful in my classes.
My teachers show that they care for their students
I feel like my teachers include me in the learning
I feel safe at SHS
I am proud to be a student at SHS.
I am familiar with the school's Graduation Requirements
SHS prepares students for college.
SHS offers the courses that students need to achieve their career goals.
Students have equitable access to honors and advanced placement courses.
The environment at SHS encourages taking a challenging class schedule.
I understand the sequencing of courses and graduation requirements.
The quality of lunch has improved this year.
With the understanding that this is not fast food, the quality of lunch/food this year is appealing and satisfying.
Students perform a wide variety of activities in classes such as presentations, projects, group assignments, experiments, and written reports.
I use technology (web research, presentations, content-based software, excel, web projects, video production, etc.) in class.
Students feel comfortable asking questions in class.
Students feel comfortable expressing ideas in class.
In my classes, we make cross-curricular connections. In other words, in my classes, I use skills or knowledge that I have learned in other subjects.
My teachers provide timely notification of upcoming assessments.
The counselors are helpful when I approach them.
The SHS campus is clean.
The SHS campus is safe.
Students at SHS treat one another with respect.
Bullying is a problem at SHS.
Students at SHS treat the staff with respect.
Teachers at SHS treat the students with respect.
SHS students have opportunities to influence school decisions.
SHS students and parents have adequate access to view student grades.
I receive additional academic support services (IEP, 504, ELL).
I am currently in...
The teachers at SHS are well prepared.
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