MVTCC TIKTOK Video Submissions
Make certain you are submitting your videos in the appropriate category. ALL VIDEOS CREATED ON THE TIKTOK APP MUST BE GIVEN THE HASHTAGS #tcc, #speechanddebate and a hashtag for the category ie. #duet. All videos must be submitted by the deadline to be entered in the competition which is 11/6. Three of them will be judged in the prelims, one of the remaining two will be judged for those advancing to semis, and last video will be judged for those advancing to finals. We will not reveal which ones are for prelims, semis, or finals until the awards assembly.

Options of the Duet category are found at @torocountry. You must choose one of the 10 options detailed in the 5 videos available on TikTok.
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Duet (Duet options and instructions are at @torocountry on the TT app. Do NOT Duet with these instructional videos.) *
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