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One of WARREN ROBERTS’ SWAT cronies once told him a woman would run naked into the street to save her baby, but a man would stop to put on his pants first. It was an interesting thought, an enigma to ride the back of his mind and wait for a time of future analysis. But time plays tricks and sometimes there is no time for analysis, only for action.

Action soon takes on a whole new meaning as he embarks on the most embarrassing job he's ever attempted—working undercover as a movie extra. Just one day of bungling tells him he would weep for joy over some high-risk, tactical, search and rescue operation involving weapons of mass destruction, that is, provided it is anywhere but Hollywood.

For a man with his diverse skill sets, it takes only three days to locate background actress, RAINY WRAY. It takes him slightly longer to discover why he is really locating this blithe hippy. Only after he bungles them both into a quagmire of disaster does he take his acting seriously.

When Warren Roberts, romps through the Hollywood movie scene, he proves that off-beat investigative styles can achieve results and that action, adventure, humor, and romance can credibly inhabit the same story.

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