PortFringe 2019 Application
Thank you for your interest in PortFringe 2019 - Maine's 8th annual Fringe Festival!
Thank you for your interest in PortFringe 2019! Before you apply, please review the following information:

PORTFRINGE LOCATION: Portland, MAINE (not Oregon!)

FESTIVAL DATES: PortFringe will kick-off on Thursday & Friday, June 13 & 14, 2019 with a celebration of solo-performer works, and continue throughout the following week, concluding on Saturday, June 22, 2019.


NUMBER OF APPLICATIONS: You may submit only ONE application to perform at PortFringe 2019. This policy is to ensure that each PortFringe Artist can fully participate in the festival, and that PortFringe can accommodate and feature as many unique Artists as possible.

TYPES OF SHOWS: PortFringe is an uncensored, unjuried festival and welcomes any work that falls within one or more performing arts disciplines, and meets the rest of our requirements regarding time limit, technical needs, etc. *** Please do not submit a show you've already presented at a previous PortFringe festival, or in the Greater Portland area within the 12 months preceding the PortFringe opening dates.***

NUMBER OF PERFORMANCES: PortFringe 2019 will guarantee each accepted applicant up to a minimum of four (4) performances. You do not need to accept all four performances. You may also request additional performances if desired (though they are not guaranteed).

RUN TIME FOR PORTFRINGE SHOWS: PortFringe welcomes work with a run time between 5 minutes and 60 minutes. Shows shorted than 35 minutes will be matched with other short shows to create a "Multi-feature" shows (which are often among the most successful shows of each festival - more details can be found on the Artist section of our website). Shows must have a run time of at least 40 minutes in order to receive a single-billing performance track. No show may exceed 60 minutes.

SELECTION PROCESS: All completed applications will be pulled and numbered in order through a random selection lottery on or before February 3, 2019. Depending on the number of applications, PortFringe reserves the right to weigh the 2019 Lottery for a equitable representation of local (Portland area) vs. non-local (Maine locations outside the Greater Portland area, plus national and international touring) artists/acts. PortFringe offers will be awarded in the order that applications are drawn. PortFringe expects to include between 45-55 companies selected for participation in the 2019 festival.

SUBLOTTERY DETAILS: New this year - PortFringe will offer applicants meeting certain requirements an opportunity to be considered for one of two separate sub-lotteries - one for solo work, and one for installation work. Interested applicants meeting the minimum requirements may opt-into a sublottery as part of this main application. The lottery selection process for interested solo work and installation work applicants will take place just before the main lottery for PortFringe 2019. Applicants drawn for solo work and installation work will be removed from the main lottery draw. Applicants not drawn for solo work or installation work will be re-entered into the main lottery. More details about the solo and installation sub-lotteries can be found on the Artist section of the portfringe.com website.

NOTIFICATION PROCESS: All applicants will be informed of their lottery rank, and receive offers for participation on or before February 10, 2019.

WAITLIST PROCESS: After the first round of offers are made, any remaining applicants will be placed on a waitlist, in the event that one of the scheduled acts has to withdraw from the festival. Additional offers will be made in waitlist/lottery order.

APPLICATION FEE: The (non-refundable) application fee for PortFringe 2019 is $25.00, which must be received by January 31, 2019. If payment of the application fee (with all completed acceptance paperwork) is not received by that date, your application will be disqualified from the lottery.

PRODUCTION FEE: All shows accepting an official (post-lottery) offer to present work at PortFringe 2019 must submit an additional (non-refundable) Production Fee. 2019 Production Fees will be tiered based on the the number of (requested!) performances offered to an Artist, as follows:

2019 Production Fees
$150 – for up to four performances
$175 – 5 performances
$200 – 6 performances

Production Fees must be paid in full within 5 days of your official PortFringe 2019 (sent on or before February 10), or your production will be moved to the 2019 waitlist.

If you are ready to apply, continue on! Take your time. Proofread your responses. Make sure you are accurately representing your proposed PF19 project. Please do not include additional, unsolicited materials

Before you begin...
PortFringe warmly welcomes the Applications of theater artists of all ages - including those under the age of 18. In order to best serve our younger applicants and address fiscal/legal/liability responsibility, we require all applicants under the age of 18 to have a mentor (age 18+) to serve as the co-contact person/ liaison for your project.
How old are you? *
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What is your Mentor’s email address so that PortFringe can include them on all communication? (again, you do not need to provide this unless you are under the age of 18).
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