Open call for the Repertoire of KAH
As the new season arrives Kaunas Artists‘ House (KAH) calls for submissions (November, 2017 – October, 2018)!

The proposals that will be boarded to our new repertoire with priority are following:

- work in progress: presentations of sketches, creative processes, artistic research;
- research in cultural field: presentations of those researches, relevant discussions;
- educational programs: seminars on relevant training, workshops responding to the practices in contemporary art field.

The selection of submissions will be based on focusing on applications that target to reassess established strategies of creation process and content in contemporary art. Fields included: architecture, art of performance, dance, circus, theatre, visual arts, music, literature, creative industries, cultural heritage, cultural research.

Events that will be confirmed to join KAH repertoire (2017-2018) will be guaranteed with KAH inside and outside spaces, professional/competent consultations, publicity and technical help in order to carry out your vision.
The selection will be administered according to the statements defined by the Regulations on Annual Selection for the Repertoire of KAH.

Deadline: October 31, 2017.

Name, surname / Name of organization:
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Contact information:
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Name of the event:
Please fill in the name of the event. In case the name is yet unclear, please give a pilot/preparatory name.
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Type of the event:
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Space for the event:
Please select the space provided by KAH that you would prefer to use for your event. In case you would like to use a different space that is not included in the list, please shortly describe your needs by filling the section "Other".
Description of the event:
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Target audience:
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Date of the event:
In case the event is held longer than one day, please give the starting date.
Please specify the main partners of the event.
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Artist's/artists', organization's portfolio:
Please give the link to the examples of the participant's/participants' art work/activity and/or audiovisual material that illustrates the event. In case you do not have a website, please archive the audiovisual material (photos, video, audio) into a ZIP file. Name of the file should be the name and surname of the person that filled the application. Please upload the ZIP file to the computer file transfer service and provide us with the link in the field below. Size of the file cannot be larger than 200Mb.
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