Zero Foodprint Dining Week
The world's leaders are converging in San Francisco for the Global Climate Action Summit September 12-14, 2018:

Thank you for joining forces with ZFP and the GGRA to change and inspire real world change during a Zero Foodprint Dining Week:

Minor actions on the local level build to massive shifts on the global level: A restaurant pledges to go carbon neutral for the week of the Climate Summit, through a combination of practical changes and small contributions to environmental projects in the food system.


Fill out a brief survey about your operations, including energy usage, products and sourcing. This enables the experts at 3Degrees to complete a simplified life cycle assessment of the emissions for your restaurant. Based on the results, we will work with you to set a per cover cost to offset your emissions for the length of the ZeroFoodprint Dining Week. You pay $110 up front for the assessment, and most restaurants will fall somewhere between $0.10 and $0.20 per cover to offset. We guarantee that the cost will not exceed $0.50 per cover.

The proceeds will support two kinds of projects:

1) a gold standard verified carbon offset project at Scenic View Dairy in Fennville, MI

2) game-changing climate beneficial ranching in Marin (recently featured on the cover of the Sunday NY Times Magazine).

So that's it? Just money?

No! And yes . . . the requirement to participate is making the financial contributions to the environmental projects. The measurable impact of this small act across many restaurants for a week--the Climate Summit week in particular--will demonstrate a huge impact!

Fill out the simplified life cycle assessment below, and use the Paypal link at the end to pay for the assessment. We will be in touch soon with your results, and more information on additional action restaurants can take, such as special menu items and promotions.

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(1) Complete a simplified life cycle assessment which is reviewed by experts at 3 Degrees Inc. (Next page of this form!)

(2) Pledge the approximate carbon footprint calculated from the assessment per diner (actual amount determined by assessment) for the duration of Zero Foodprint Dining Week September 10-16, 2018

(3) Pay $110 for the assessment via PayPal on the last page of the form. (If you require alternate payment arrangements, contact

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