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Please note that while your email is not required, should you chose not to provide it, we may not be able to clarify your feedback (concern or critique) and therefore ensure we have correctly understood it. We strongly encourage that you include your email so that we can confirm the text of your concern for publication in our CCGSD Feedback Tool: Openness, Transparency & Accountability Report.Should you have questions about privacy, please use the Word document form at and send it to our Board President:
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What is your concern or critique?
What are the consequences you foresee if a solution is not implemented?
What suggestion or solution would you like to see to address this concern?
How would you like the CCGSD to implement your suggestion or solution?
What are the benefits of that suggestion or solution?
What are the potential disadvantages of that suggestion or solution?
What resources, tools, skills or financial resources does the CCGSD need to implement your suggestion or solution?
What organizations have implemented similar suggestions or solutions? Are you able to connect us with them so we can learn about their best practices?
Who at the CCGSD should implement this suggestion or solution?
What is the timeline you would like to see your suggestion or solution implemented?
Why do you feel this is the best suggestion or solution?
Do you have an alternative suggestion or solution? If so, what is it?
Do you have any additional thoughts or comments?
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