Analytics Accelerator Application Winter 2021
Thank you for your interest in the Analytics Accelerator (CME217/BIODS217)!

We look forward to meeting you. Because this is a graduate level team based course, the information you enter here will be used to create a diverse classroom and multidisciplinary project teams. If you are selected for the course, you will be placed on a team based on the information you submit below.

Thursday, Dec 3 2pm pacific (by zoom) Info Session

Watch this student perspective video:

This is a project-based course requiring team work outside of class time in addition to weekly mentor meetings. With the information we have right now, we will hosting live online class sessions (rather than prerecorded lectures) which will be used for guest lectures, group exercises and expert feedback sessions. Since we will be completely online, you will need appropriate internet/computer access.

It is our hope that through this course, you will learn to work with teammates from diverse disciplines on complex open ended problems related to COVID-19 and have a great time doing it!

Draft course syllabus (subject to change):

Winter Project Descriptions:

Winter Project Video Pitches:
Stress Project with Pablo Paredes
Genome Project with Manuel Rivas and Alex Ioannidis
Public Data Project with Lorene Nelson video not available, see Project Descriptions above for more information.

Fall Student Project Highlight Videos:
Global Stress
Genome 1
Genomic Waffle

Winter 2021 Q&A:

Please submit your application below if you are interested in joining the course. Contact the teaching team with questions:
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Gender (optional - this info will help us to form diverse teams)
As you know, our plans for being together on campus are constantly changing. We will be online and may have issues with data/technology usage internationally. Could you please let us know what your plans are for being on campus/in the US? Do you plan to be in the US winter quarter?
150 word bio
Take a few minutes to write a short poem that tells us who you are and where you come from. This is a way for us to get to know each other. The "Where I'm From" poem should be about 5 lines – it doesn’t need to be perfect, just your thoughts about what’s important to know about you. Have fun with this exercise; feel free to include information about where you grew up, your family, things you like to do in your free time, your passions, etc...what makes you YOU?
Which of the projects most interest you? (This is not a formal commitment on your part. We will use this information to fill the teams for winter quarter.)
Why do you want to be in this course?
What skills and experiences do you hope to acquire?
Do you have experience with the following (please check all that apply)?
Are you interested in CME 217 or BIODS 217? *
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