Faith Leader Sign On Letter to Cuomo Re: Greenidge Expansion
Dear Governor Cuomo,
We are writing to you about the plan by Greenidge Generation LLC (which operates the Greenidge Gas-Powered plant in Dresden) to greatly expand its business in bitcoin “mining”. This expansion presents a very real and present threat to Seneca Lake and the surrounding communities.
As leaders of faith, we are called to bring a prophetic word when it comes to the world and its peoples.
From the beginning, humanity has been given the grave responsibility of caring for creation. The Creator called what was created “good” and we are all expected, indeed required, to keep it good.
What is happening with the Greenidge Gas-Powered Facility fails to meet any measure of keeping creation good. The amount of power required to “mine” crypto currency means that the environment around the facility is threatened by ever-increasing harmful algal blooms, excessively hot water being discharged, increased greenhouse gas emissions, and toxic noise levels.
As a person of faith yourself, we are sure you would not want to allow harm to come to Seneca Lake. Why allow threat to what is often called the “Trout Capital of the World” by killing off the valuable trout with that excessively hot water? Why permit the destruction of the ecosystem that supports a multi-million-dollar tourist industry with toxic algal blooms? In a state that is frequently challenged by financial deficits, why lower property values and tax bases in this area by polluting the air with excessive noise and excessive emissions?
The Greenidge Facility was permitted for the purpose of being a “peaker” plant to assist with providing backup power when excess energy was needed on the grid. Now it is using the very power that was supposed to be used for backup to generate income for its bitcoin mining operation. The current request to expand that operation means moving from supporting 7,000 high-powered computers to 30,000 computers and thus threatening the lake environment with excessively hot water, greater greenhouse gas emissions, and noise amplified by the lake to uncomfortable levels.
Because this facility has been allowed to operate “behind the meter” it cannot be held accountable to your own Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act. Instead of reducing greenhouse gases, this old facility (working at 37% efficiency) will contribute to more greenhouse gas emissions.
Governor Cuomo, you have shown yourself to be a strong leader when it comes to addressing Global Climate Change. Do not allow yourself or other leaders in the state to be misled by the intentions of Atlas Holdings LLC operating in NY State as Greenidge Generation LLC. Continue your history of protecting the Finger Lakes which are multi-billion dollar generators in the agricultural and eco-tourism industry.
Therefore, we, the undersigned faith leaders, wish to state that we strongly oppose the expansion of the Greenidge Gas-Powered Facility in Dresden because such expansion is incompatible with humanity’s call of responsibility to protect and care for creation.

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