Independence, courage and accurateness can only lead to the unbiased presentation of reality. SAMVALITA truly believes in all these “ethos”. An individual well informed is all that is needed as a stepping stage in an evolution of a community and nation at large and making this aspiration a reality is a task in our hands.
We are working towards the creation of well-informed society putting all our efforts in bringing ground reality which is equally part of our lives into limelights blended with our creative abilities and turning them into relatable stories and truths of our lives.
We need your support in our endeavour to present independent journalism not only for presenting rich quality material but also for expanding our platforms for minds who are full of knowledge and want to contribute in promoting “Voices of Unheard”.
We hope you will support us and become a part of the process of giving those voices an equal space.
We thank you all for your trust and support…
We are strong-willed to present the reality and raise those voices which will be heard by the world.
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