Volunteers Intonal 2019
As a volunteer at Intonal Festival you will get a festival pass for the whole festival and the chance to learn more about the festival production together with the rest of the Intonal team.
You work two shifts, each appr. 7-8 hours long.
To become a volunteer at Intonal you need to be at least 18 years old.

Find out more about this years festival:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/intonalfestival
Website: https://www.intonalfestival.com

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These are the different teams you can join:
These are the different volunteer teams you can join:

Audience host
You are in charge of good care of our audience, answering questions and make the festival a great experience for them.
You help out where work needs to be done before, during and after each concert.

Bar, backstage
You work closely with the venue, Inkonsts, team. Bar or service experience is good. Our backstage area is dedicated for our artists and VIPguests where we serve food and drinks during the festival, and you will help us welcoming them.

Artist host
As an artist host you will meet artists at Triangeln train station and follow them to the hotel. Some artists might need assistance to their sound checks at Inkonst as well. You basically take good care of them and make them happy. Your shift may start in the morning. It's very important that you are friendly and fluid in English.

After hours
If you like to stay up late, this might be the team for you. During our after party (Saturday April 27th) you will for example help out in the entrance, dance and clean the venue afterwards. Your shift ends when the cleaning is done. That's it.

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