The Mount Pleasant Village BIA Member Feature
As we promote our website, we would like to feature member businesses periodically. We encourage you take 10-15 minutes to answer the questions below, then in turn, we will feature your business on the front page of the website. As you fill in your answers, note that the more compelling and interesting you make the answers, the likelier your business will be attractive to the general public.

As you are already a paying member, there is NO CHARGE for this feature. This is 100% free.

Any questions can be directed to our webmaster, Keven Menager at or by phone at 416-554-9460.
Business Name & Address
Brief description of your business
When did you open in Mount Pleasant Village?
Why did you pick Mount Pleasant Village?
What is the most meaningful comment you've received since you've opened?
What specialty sets your business apart from competitors?
What were you doing before you opened your business?
What has changed about your business since you first opened?
What do you enjoy most about your business?
Any exciting news or events happening in the next 6 months in your business?
What's a fun fact about your business?
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