Westwood United Methodist Church Scholarship Application
Upon completion of this document and by clicking the submit button at the end, all applicants are acknowledging the by-laws of the Scholarship Committee. Please be sure to read and fully understand these by-laws, which include, but are not limited to, policies regarding selection criteria and return of funds procedures. Questions and/or concerns may be directed to the Scholarship Team. All applications and inquires will be kept confidential. Applications are due by June 15th. No late applications will be accepted.

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The following is in accordance with Section II of the by-laws
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Church Participation
Please describe your participation in the church, and leadership roles you may have played, currently and in the past. Please be as specific as possible and include dates. Start with the most recent and work back. *
What are the most important things you would want the Scholarship Committee to consider when they review your application? *
Please provide names, addresses and phone numbers of 2 people that are not relatives.
Scholarship Criteria
The following is in accordance with Section III of the Edith Jones Ministerial Scholarship Fund by-laws

* Edith Jones Ministerial Scholarship Criteria

Applicants must fill the following criteria:
1. Be a member of a United Methodist Church in the West Ohio Conference
2. Attend a seminary
3. Must be preparing for ministry

The following is in accordance with Section II of the Westwood UMC Scholarship Funds by-laws

** Westwood UMC Scholarship Criteria

As mentioned in the application the applicants must display the following criteria:
1. Be attending either a seminary, a school beyond the secondary level, or furthering your degree beyond the undergraduate level
2. Show that you have financial need to further your education

For further clarification on the operations and consideration for all applicants please see the Westwood UMC Scholarship Funds or the Edith Jones Ministerial Scholarship Fund by-laws.

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