#CripTheVote Call for #MedicaidStories
Being a disabled person has never been easy. With the proposed American Health Care Act, there will be fundamental changes to way people with disabilities live in the near future. If you are a person with a disability who uses Medicaid, please share your story with us. We will create blog posts and graphics featuring these stories in our fight to preserve and defend Medicaid. If you have any questions, email: DisabilityVisibilityProject@gmail.com
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Name, City and State of Residence (ex: Andrew Pulrang, Plattsburgh, NY or Anonymous, New York, NY)
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Do we have your permission to quote your story in various blog posts, articles, and social media?
In 1 sentence describe yourself (ex: Alice Wong is an Asian American disabled activist who uses a wheelchair and has spinal muscular atrophy)
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Why is Medicaid important to you? What are the services you rely on for your health and well-being?
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If services to Medicaid are reduced or eliminated, how will that impact your life as a disabled person?
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What are your greatest concerns and fears about the American Health Care Act in its current form?
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What message do you want to share members of Congress as they debate this GOP health care bill? What do they need to know from the disability community?
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THANK YOU!!! Check the #CripTheVote blog for our upcoming events and posts: http://cripthevote.blogspot.com/
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