Schedule Error Fix Request Form
If your schedule has an ERROR, please use this form to request a fix before the first day of school. Examples of schedule errors include:

1. I am scheduled for a class that I have already passed.
2. I am not scheduled for a required class (i.e. a 10th grader not scheduled for Global).
3. I am a senior and I am not scheduled for a class required for graduation.

If you are requesting a SCHEDULE CHANGE (other than a mistake fix), please wait until school starts and use the paper schedule change form. No elective schedule changes will be granted using this form!

Please fill out all information below:

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Please be as descriptive as possible-- explain exactly WHICH class, at WHAT time, is the mistake, or exactly WHAT class you need added to your schedule and WHY.
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Please enter your email here if you want to be told when your schedule error has been fixed, or if any questions come up. If you don't enter your email, I can't guarantee that you will be notified about your updated schedule!
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