Call for Proposals - MACTE Winter and Spring Collaboration
Winter Collaboration Day: Friday, February 21, 2020
Spring Collaboration Day: Friday, April 3, 2020

Call for Winter Presentation Proposals: Due Date is January 31, 2020
Call for Spring Presentation Proposal: Due Date is February 28, 2020

January 24 is the deadline for winter proposals and the preferred date for spring proposals. We can accept spring submissions as part of our review following the January deadline. We will make another proposal review for remaining available sessions after the February deadline. You will be able to state your availability for either or both collaboration days as part of your submission.

This year’s theme across all MACTE gatherings is Educating for Change: Addressing the Equity Gap in Minnesota. At our Collaborations, we would specifically like to address on-going challenges within teacher education in four specific areas: Equity and Inclusivity, Activism and Innovation for Transforming Teaching and Learning, Building Sustainable Diversity In the Profession, Clinical Practice and Community Engagement. We will intentionally unpack these areas of concern by engaging the many diverse voices found throughout the state of Minnesota and represented within our various educator preparation programs. With these four foci in mind, the Collaboration will seek answers to the following questions and insights into the various topics listed below:

Activism and Innovation
While learning technology integration in the classroom is expanding at significant levels, many traditional teaching strategies and pedagogies are also being transformed to meet the changing needs of current learners in both P-12 and college classrooms. For the Activism and Innovation strand, we encourage proposals that describe new developments across a broad range of instructional and dispositional practices. What are the all-encompassing range of engaging strategies and effective practices that will enable teacher educators to prepare their future teachers for the upcoming demands of learning skills for success in the k-12 classroom?

❖ Innovations in assessment (e.g., edTPA)
❖ Effective practices in teacher education classes and clinical experiences
❖ Applications for k-12 classrooms
❖ Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (i.e.,TPACK)

Equity and Inclusivity
We seek proposals addressing equity and inclusivity in the full continuum of activities that support whole learners through instruction, counseling, community-building and school climate. Characteristics of whole learners include: ethnicity, culture, language diversity, sexual orientation, gender expression, social class, learning differences, access barriers, and religion.

❖ Engaging diverse students
❖ Making diverse students feel that they belong
❖ Increasing success for diverse students
❖ Diversity criteria for clinical placements and partnerships

Building Sustainable Diversity In the Profession
Structural and attitudinal barriers keep potential candidates from pursuing teaching as a career and damage the retention of practicing teachers. These proposal could address obstacles to teacher preparation for candidates with under-represented identities.

❖ Recruitment and retention of diverse candidates
❖ Educator career exploration activities
❖ Financial support strategies
❖ Candidate assessment support and readiness

Clinical Practice and Community Engagement
We seek proposals that describe unique partnerships between university preparation programs, schools, and agencies focused on equity, youth or family development, and educational outcomes.

❖ Teacher candidate recruitment partnerships and pipelines
❖ P-20 partnerships
❖ Teacher residency and/or mentoring programs
❖ Teacher preparation program partnerships with community agencies
❖ Diversity criteria for clinical placements and partnerships

Note: Preference, for all proposals, will be given to those that weave an Action Orientation within the chosen sub-strand. Reviewers will look for proposals that clearly refer to the following question: How are educator preparation programs engaging in professional partnerships with k-12 school districts? Do these partnerships exemplify the breadth of the professional community that prepares and supports excellent new teachers and provides effective education for all students, which is part of MACTE’s overall mission.
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Winter Presentation Proposal Due Date is January 31, 2020
Spring Presentation Proposal Due Date is February 28, 2020
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