"Autotune" feedback
"Autotune" (https://diyps.org/2016/12/02/autosensitivity-automatically-adjusting-insulin-sensitivity-factor-for-insulin-dosing-with-openaps/) is something that can be run by people with DIY closed loops - and anyone without a DIY closed loop with the requisite BG data and treatment data from Nightscout. If you're here, you probably ran autotune. We'd love some feedback to find out what's working and what needs more work. Thanks in advance for your input! You can also provide feedback in Gitter (https://gitter.im/nightscout/intend-to-bolus) or via this link: https://github.com/openaps/oref0/issues/261
Are you on a pump, or did you try autotune as an MDI'er? *
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