Warbanner Request
Please be sure to view the warbanner guidelines before continuing: http://wiki.darkjedibrotherhood.com/view/Warbanner

The Herald Staff reserves the right to deny warbanners that are not up to standard, including crests.

A warbanner has a wide variety of options. Fabric colors, shapes, stripes and support rail colors unlock as you progress through the ranks of the Brotherhood, as well as other options being available to you based on positions served and Society ranks such as the Grand Master's Royal Guard and the Shadow Academy Society.

Warbanner options unlock at the following tiers of rank:

* Journeyman 2 - 3 (Acolyte, Courier, Sergeant/Hunter, Padawan, Yeoman, Lieutenant)
* Journeyman 4 - Equite 1 (Knight, Professional, Captain - Equite 1)
* Equite 2 - Equite 3
* Equite 4
* Elder - Grand Master
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Example Warbanner
Example Warbanner
Warbanner crest *
New AND returning members, please provide a link to your chosen image as we may no longer have them. Your crest is a personal symbol that represents you. Certain copyrighted materials may be denied as crests, as well as the use of unit logos - these may be represented on your warbanner in other ways, but you do not own your unit logo (and can therefore not use it as a personal symbol).
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Warbanner Tassets (with medallion for example only)
Warbanner Tassets (with medallion for example only)
Tassets *
A warbanner tasset is a small medal that indicates membership in certain societies. You must meet the minimum requirements to request them.
What Order do you wish to represent on your Order tasset if chosen? *
Must be at least JM4
Background Pattern *
A chosen Background pattern will replace a stripe.
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