Ambassadors of Mumbai 2019
The Ambassadors of Mumbai (AoM) training programme is an initiative of Khaki Tours to train citizens passionate about Mumbai as its Ambassadors who can give visitors to the city an introduction to Mumbai like no other. Ambassadors of Mumbai are not tourist guides but representatives of the city who are knowledgeable, articulate and friendly. They have an interest in the city's history, heritage and culture and their passion for the city is infectious. Above all, Ambassadors of Mumbai leave guests with an experience of the city that is unforgettable.

The Ambassadors of Mumbai training programme was launched last year. Out of the 65 who applied, 13 potential ambassadors were selected for training, out of whom 9 graduated and are conducting heritage walks and tours around the city. The more ambitious among them are also designing and curating new experiences!

With the success of the AoM programme last year, we are back this year with a bigger, better and more in-depth AoM 2019 to fulfil the demand for Khaki Tours' curated experiences of Mumbai. We are looking for a new set of equally passionate people, who will become the Ambassadors of Mumbai 2019! We have expanded Khaki’s coverage beyond Mumbai and we will be happy to have able AoMs host our international tours too!

While anyone is open to apply to become the ‘Ambassador of Mumbai’ (AoM), we are looking for the following categorical skill-sets in you:
- Resident of Mumbai
- Fluency in English with excellent interpersonal skills.
- Cheerful, hospitable and welcoming personality, with a flair for public speaking.
- Inherent ability to troubleshoot unexpected problems elegantly.
Nice to have:
- Resident of Central and South Mumbai
- Background in Art/ History/ Conservation/ Architecture/ Theatre/ Cultural studies and/or other allied disciplines
- Diverse linguistic skills. Fluency in international language(s) and/or Marathi, Hindi, Gujarati will be greatly appreciated.
- An inquisitive mind with an inclination for research.
- People who cannot manage their time efficiently.
- People looking only for money with little love for heritage.

The Ambassadors of Mumbai 2019 training programme will be conducted over five Saturdays in June 2019. Please ensure your availability on these dates before applying for the programme. Absenteeism during the programme is strictly prohibited.
1st May - Applications for AoM 2019 open
15th May - Interviews begin
25th May - Applications close
1st June - Training Session 1 (1.30 pm to 7pm in Colaba)
8th June - Training Session 2 (1.30 pm to 7pm in Colaba)
15th June - Training Session 3 (1.30 pm to 7pm in Colaba)
22nd June - Training Session 4 (1.30 pm to 7pm in Colaba)
29th June - Training Session 5 (1.30 pm to 7pm in Colaba)
If you are not available for any of the training dates, please do not apply for this program.

We will review your application and contact you within a week. Shortlisted candidates will be invited for an in-person interaction at our office in Fort. We expect over 150 applications this year but we can accommodate only 15 people in this batch. The candidates who meet our criteria will be selected. All selected candidates will undergo a rigorous training programme according to the schedule given above on payment of the participation fee.

Selected candidates will undergo a five-weekend training programme that will cover theory and practicals. Theory classes will include the city's history, geography, architecture, culture, food and International connections. Modules on self-development such as communication skills, photography, trouble-shooting, body language, etc are also part of the programme. Practicals will include training in conducting heritage walks. At the end of the training programme, participants will be certified on the basis of their theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Certified AoMs will be imparted further training on specialised experiences depending on their area of interest.

A participation fee of INR 999 is payable for the programme on selection. For candidates who successfully complete the AoM programme, the programme is free. The participation fee will be refunded on your graduation from the programme when you conduct your first walk.

Khaki Tours was established in 2015 by Bharat Gothoskar to make the city's heritage relevant to the common citizen. We aim to make heritage 'cool' by creating awareness for it in a fun but informative manner. Our mission is to generate awareness about heritage and encourage conservation; we call this ‘Heritage Evangelism’. We began our journey with heritage walks in enclaves like Parel, Lalbaug, Gamdevi, Bhuleshwar and Chowpatty, which do not usually fall under people's conception of ‘heritage’. In November 2016, we launched #UrbanSafari - a unique open jeep tour of heritage precincts in Mumbai. We also conduct food walks, cruises, day tours, themed tours (Jewish Heritage, Bollywood Cinema, Dharavi Slums, etc.) and kids’ workshops, with more experiences getting added regularly. In April 2019, Khaki Tours went international with a heritage tour to Turkey, and more such destinations are in the offing.

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