The Europe You Want!
Dear European citizen,
In May 2019, Europeans will vote their representatives for the next European Parliament (2019-2024).
Given the current state of the integration process and the challenges ahead, discussing the visions of our common future in Europe is more necessary than ever.

What citizens think about Europe matters. We believe the current debate on alternatives and reforms of the European integration project is weak and monopolised on the media by those who are able to raise their voices, hence losing the possibility of a real constructive debate.

With this survey, we invite you to share your visions of Europe by answering the three questions below.

We will then analyse your ideas to, with them, start a bottom up discussion and reflection about the role of the European Union in the years to come.

Who are we?
OpenEUDebate is a Jean Monnet network formed by University Autonóma Madrid, Université libre de Bruxelles, the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Agenda Pública and Scoala Nationala de Studii Politice si Administrative in Bucharest that seeks to create a forum for debating the future of the EU.
Our aim is to create a framework for deeper engagement to discuss the future of Europe in a meaningful way. We want to discuss issues that are timely, challenging and relevant for us, the European Citizens!

The data collected here will be used only for academic purposes and will not be shared with any third parties. The data will be anonymised and personal data and answers will be, once collected, stored separately and not be associated in any manner. Should you wish to change the options for the treatment of your personal data or have them deleted from the database, please contact

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1) What is your message for the next President of the European Commission? *
What is needed and what has been missing in terms of European leadership?
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2) What are the main problems of Europe today? *
What policies and actions are needed or missing in today's Europe?
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3) What should be the main priorities of the EU after 2019? *
What specific priorities should determine the work programme of the European Commission in the years to come?
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