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Most hackathons are about coming up with innovative new ideas and making plausible startup prototypes. This one is different. This one is about having fun! Take some time to make your bad ideas a reality. No technical skills required, it's all about having fun!

You are applying to be part of this historical event. Emphasis on historical is overstated.

We will reach out to you about more detail about the hackathon as we get closer to May 16. You rock!

PS: Everyone who applied to the hackathon will be admitted! We are using this information to gauge attendance and timezones.
PS: Not only for VR hacks

When? May 16-17
Where? On Discord
More information on https://terriblehack.website
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The following questions are about culture fit
We don't actually care what you write here but we will read them for fun and also maybe publish some of our favourites.
Thought on the movie Cats (2019)?
If you have not seen Cats, what about Tiger King?
How many rolls of toilet paper do you currently have?
Living Dangerously
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