Holy Spirit Lutheran Church Call Committee Survey
The Call Committee thanks you for completing this survey! This tool will help us to identify who God is calling to serve as our next pastor. Please answer all questions as honestly as possible, since your responses will help us shape our Ministry Site Profile. Our MSP will then be used to identify the best fit for Holy Spirit Lutheran Church!

We expect this survey to take approximately 15 minutes and needs to be completed in one sitting. Each individual family member should complete the survey.

A prayer to consider before you begin: "Heavenly Father, as we work to call a new pastor to our congregation, please help us to know your hand is leading us and your love is supporting us. Amen."
Given where our Church is located, to what extent do you think the following challenge or change in the community, has impacted our church? *
No Concern
Minor Concern
Large Concern
Major Concern
Increase in population/growth of the area
Decreased participation in organized religion
Increase in crime/concern for public safety
Substance abuse and/or addiction
To what extent do you think the following change or trend has impacted the congregation in the last three to five years? *
No impact
Minor impact
Large impact
Major impact
Lack of age diversity
Lack of financial stability
Lack of racial diversity
Lack of new member growth
How active do you see Holy Spirit in the following organizations?
Not active
Slightly active
Somewhat active
Quite active
Very active
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
Delaware-Maryland Synod
How do you perceive our church? (part 1) *
Not like us at all
A little like us
A lot like us
We are racially and economically diverse
We have clearly defined goals and plans for our future
We tend to be informal and spontaneous
We are demographically homogeneous
We have no stated goals or plans
We prefer ideas that are tried and true
We tend to be formal and programmatic
We welcome ideas that are thought provoking and challenging
How do you perceive our church? (part 2) *
Not like us at all
A little like us
A lot like us
We rely on group decision-making
We have learned how to use conflict constructively
We train people to minister outside our walls
Our facilities are often used by community groups
Our facilities are only used for our own activities
We train people to minister inside our walls
We rely on our leaders for direction
We tend to perceive conflict as something destructive
How do you perceive our church? (part 3) *
Not like us at all
A little like us
A lot like us
We focus on Biblical studies and doctrine
We are not very active in the synod and the ELCA
We focus on skills and actions
We are less obvious about our Lutheran heritage
We focus on contemporary issues and topics
We participate in synod and ELCA activities
We are obviously Lutheran in identity and practice
We focus on ideas and beliefs
Our mission statement is: "Our purpose is to love God and to bring people into a growing relationship with Jesus and His Church." What does this mission statement mean to you?
Your answer
What are the top three gifts/resources of our congregation? *
What are the top three mission priorities that, when accomplished, hold the most promise in the continued development of our congregation? *
What do you view as the top three obstacles we must overcome to accomplish Holy Spirit's mission? *
How much experience do you think the prospective pastor should bring to Holy Spirit? (select all that apply) *
Select the top five ministry tasks you would like to see a prospective pastor bring to Holy Spirit. *
Choose the top five ministry gifts of a prospective pastor. *
List the primary area(s) of activity or focus that you wish the prospective pastor to give special attention to during the first year of ministry at Holy Spirit.
Your answer
List ways this congregation will support and encourage the prospective pastor in the first year of service, in order to accomplish responsibilities.
Your answer
Please provide any additional comments, suggestions, concerns as it pertains to the call process.
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(OPTIONAL) Provide your personal information: Name, address, phone number, e-mail address
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