2019 DSA National Political Committee Nominations Questionnaire
Complete this form to declare your candidacy to the DSA's National Political Committee. In addition to filling out this questionnaire, you must secure a nomination via a resolution passed by a majority vote of either: (1) any chapter or OC’s General Meeting; or (2) by a national committee, working group, or the Afro-Socialist Caucus.
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What is your gender? *
DSA's National Constitution reserves a minimum of 8 NPC seats for women and non-binary members, as well a minimum of 5 seats for members of underrepresented races and national origins (Article VIII, Section 2). Please indicate your gender for the purpose of determining your eligibility in the quota system.
Do you identify as LGBTQIAP+? *
What is your race and national origin? *
Please describe your experience in DSA so far in 200 words or fewer, including: (1) how long have you been in DSA, (2) what leadership positions have you held, (3) what campaigns and activities have you been involved in, and (4) any major highlights of your involvement. *
What activist/political/organizing experience have you had outside DSA? In 200 words or fewer, share any lessons or experiences that you feel are relevant. *
Have you ever held a position within or on behalf of law enforcement (such as a police union organizer)? *
If you would like to share any links to articles you’ve written, a portfolio, or similar resources you feel will be useful for members to get to know you, do so here. *
In 200 words or fewer, why are you running for NPC? *
What does democratic socialism mean to you?
Where would you like DSA and the broader socialist left to be five years from now? How about ten or twenty years? And, broadly, what does our organization need to do to get us there?
In the short term, if elected to NPC, you will serve two years in national leadership from August 2019 to summer 2021. What is your diagnosis of the broader political scenario DSA will face during your term? What will be the most urgent challenges, and what will the greatest opportunities for socialists?
What is the role and purpose of a socialist organization in the United States today?
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