APCO Interest Form 2018-2019
Thank you for your interest in Atlanta Pediatric Cancer Outreach! Please fill out the following form to begin the membership process for APCO. We're looking forward to having you on our team!

For the last decade, cancer has been the third leading cause of death among children in the state of Georgia with approximately 430 new cases each year. APCO is a service and fundraising organization at Emory University benefitting children suffering from cancer in the Atlanta area.

APCO partners with The Aflac Cancer Center at CHOA, in the top 10 childhood cancer centers and one of the largest clinical trial programs in the country, and the Atlanta Ronald McDonald House Charities to provide both financial and emotional support for the families of children battling cancer. We depend highly on our volunteers to aid in planning, fundraising and attending our weekly events both on campus and off campus. Thus, your commitment to our organization and attendance will be highly praised.

* For more information, contact our Co-Presidents, Maddie and Sam, at maddie.pike@emory.edu & samantha.taylor.korn@emory.edu

* For any questions regarding trouble or concerns with the membership process please contact our secretary, Drew, at drew.linge@emory.edu

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Part II: Short Answer Questions
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Part III: Committee Selection Information
APCO is composed of four membership committees that each specialize in orchestrating an aspect of our organization.

Note: Being on one committee does not keep you from aiding in or attending events outside of that committee. These committees simply help us to organize members based on their interests. We ask that you rank the following four committees based on your personal preference. Although we attempt to give everyone their first or second choice, this is not guaranteed.

- Public Relations Committee: Our PR group is incredibly important in the recruiting and retention of members as well as publicity and popularity of our events. From social media to advertising on campus and designing merchandise, this committee is highly valued by APCO.

- Campus Events Committee: This committee is committed to planning and executing all on-campus events, such as our weekly Wonderful Wednesday table, our semiannual, campus-wide hair donation event, Haircuts for Hope, and our guest-speaker lectures. Campus events values creativity, high reliability and leadership skills.

- Community Outreach Committee: Community Outreach is dedicated to planning and organizing all CHOA and Ronald McDonald events, including both meals and activities. This committee is looking for those with experience with children, arts-and-crafts, an interest in planning meals for 40 people with a low budget as well as well as high reliability and commitment to APCO.

- Fundraising Committee: Our fundraising group is the glue of our organization as it supplies all funds for the year's events. By organizing fundraisers, such as our proceeds nights, Maggie's bake-sales and Wonderful Wednesday events, this committee insures that APCO can run smoothly. We are looking for highly dedicated, creative people with great organizational skills.

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Upon completing this membership form, your response will be sent to our secretary who will review your application.

If you do not receive an email within two weeks, please contact Drew at drew.linge@emory.edu. Don't forget to follow us on facebook and instagram for more updates!

Note: APCO requires a $5 membership fee to help fund our CHOA and RMH events. The membership fee can be paid in person or through venmo to our secretary, Rachel. More information will be provided through email upon membership approval.
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