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Use this guide to create your custom shirt - it will take a few minutes and then your shirt will be delivered in a few weeks!

Once your order is submitted, we will review it, check with you if there are questions, and send a confirmation email + invoice. Once the invoice is paid, we will send your shirt to the cutting room to get started.

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Sewn into your shirt, below the last button of your placket. Could be your name, nickname, shirt description or order date, special occasion name or date, etc.
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Shipping is $10 per order (up to 6 shirts) within the US. Contact us about international shipping charges.
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There are three sections: FABRIC >> FIT >> FEATURES
FABRIC is organized by weave so you can more easily choose between any of our 100% cotton options.

FIT covers both the basics (neck, sleeve) and alterations (waist, length, etc) to ensure the best fitting shirt possible.

FEATURES shape the style of your shirt (collars, cuffs, pockets, placket, etc).

First up, FABRIC!
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