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Wednesday, December 12, 2018 (14:00-17:00)
Event Address: Santa Rosa Room, Marriott Marquis, 333 W Harbor Dr, San Diego, CA 92101
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Genetic Tool Development in Marine Protists: Emerging New Model Organisms for Cell Biology
Registration is free for participants. The event includes lite refreshments.

This afternoon satellite event will feature presentations, posters, and active discussion about new efforts to develop genetic tools in marine protists, where an international research community is making exciting progress in advancing these nascent experimental model systems. This event is designed to facilitate networking among protist researchers and cell biologists attending the ASCB conference who can offer valuable insights and advice from working in more established model systems. A deeper study of marine protists – some of the most diverse yet least understood forms of life on earth – will shed light into the process of organelle origin and evolution, cytoskeleton structure, and protist-microbe interactions, while also helping scientists better understand the roles protists play in global nutrient cycles, food webs, and climate. The event is supported by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.

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Draft Agenda
14:00 Opening Remarks

14:05 Lightning Talks: Successes & Challenges in Genetic Tool Development

14:45 Coffee Break & Networking

15:15 Lightning Talks, continued

16:00 Roundtable Discussions: Methods Development, Successes, & Challenges

16:45 Future Perspectives

17:00 End

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