Science Agreeables - Reasons To Supersede Darwinism
The goal is to establish agreement amongst Darwin skeptics regarding the basic science factors that falsify Evolution as the cause of life. Then to replace it with a verifiable, logical, and accurate science. The purpose is to gather and provide an impressive united message from scholars to education legislators regarding the clear and accurate cause of life to teach as science. (to view more on Atomic Biology open the info in another tab )
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Would you consider the following points of science to be irrefutable?
Living cells, including ours, are made of atoms. *
Each part of a cell requires the physical assembly of the right atoms. *
Atoms have no brain or muscles, therefore, they require an intelligent external force to select them and move them to their precise place in their part of their cell. *
Cells require complex molecular machines like kinesin, etc. *
The 2016 Nobel Prize Winners for Chemistry (please google; it is key): Sauvage, Stoddart, and Ferringa, got this award for building relatively very simplistic molecular machines through 33 years of effort. This proves that even with the vast accumulation of scientific knowledge and sophisticated equipment, the best intelligence in science is nowhere near enough to assemble a molecular machine for a cell. *
This proves that greater intelligence than that of mankind is essential to assemble molecular machines for cells. *
Therefore, the theoretical process of evolution, which has no intelligence,is incapable of building molecular machines required for our cells and us. *
This proves that evolution is not the cause of life, and a super-intelligent force is required to assemble atoms into cell parts and cause life. *
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