RHA Funding Request
1) This form must be submitted by Thursday before the Tuesday meeting you would like to attend for it to be on the following week’s agenda. RHA General Body meets on Tuesday at 8pm.

2) RHA sponsored programming must align with all University and Housing & Residence Life Policies.

3) RHA's priority is to fund events and projects that will benefit on-campus residents. Your request should highlight how the funding will help support the mission of RHA and will be of direct benefit to residents.

4) Publicity for events that involve RHA funds MUST include “co-sponsored by RHA” on the flyers along with RHA’s logo.

5) Funds must be requested two weeks PRIOR to the date needed. Special circumstances can permit an exception to this timeline. If funds will be used to purchase re-usable equipment for an event, the equipments will be considered RHA property and must be returned after the event.

6) A representative of the hall government/organization must be present at the General Body meeting to make a brief presentation for the request.

7) Prepare handouts (copies of the budget) detailing the allocation of fund(s) to be passed out to each community at the General Body meeting for review. The RHA VP of Operations will email you a template for these handouts when they send your presentation confirmation.
i. Have a minimum of 20 handouts.
ii. Handouts must include the line-itemized sources of funding and expenses.

8) At the General Body Meeting funding requests heard will be granted or denied. If approved, RHA will confirm through email with funding details and requirements.

9) A Program Follow-Up Report Form (which includes itemized invoices, receipts, and expense reports) must be submitted to RHA within (10) working days of the event/program/travel or else funding will be forfeited. This form will be sent to you by the RHA VP of Operations.

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For events, summarize a list of items that will be purchased. For other requests, describe why that item will be needed.
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Breakdown of event/item cost(s) outlining funding sources and amounts. Please include the RHA commitment to the event (the more detailed, the better) *
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