Donation Pledge and Sign-up Form 2021
The pledges submitted here are not binding, but they do help us with our planning. Once you've submitted this form, you can edit your responses with the link in your email receipt (email subject: "Donation Pledge and Sign-up Form 2021").

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If you'd like to donate to multiple nonprofits, please submit this form multiple times.
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100% vs 10% match
This year, we have different instructions for the 100% match and the 10% match, so we are gathering distinct data from you about your intended participation in each match tier.
How much (in USD) do you plan to donate to this nonprofit with the intent of directing 100% matching funds?
If you don’t plan to participate in the 100% match, you can leave this blank.
How much (in USD) do you plan to donate to this nonprofit with the intent of directing 10% matching funds?
If you're only focusing on the 100% match and not the 10% match, you can leave this blank.
Optional: Do you want to make your pledge public?
If so, we'll share your full name, your pledge amount, and the recipient nonprofit. If not, we won't reveal any personally identifying information publicly.
Optional: Can we share your name and e-mail address with the nonprofit and/or their partners?
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You may receive 1-4 text messages consisting of: (a) reminders during daytime hours leading up to Giving Tuesday 2021 and (b) important updates as early as 7:30am EST / 4:30am PST on Giving Tuesday 2021. We will stop sending you text messages after Giving Tuesday 2021. You must also visit our website ( for updates -- text messages are not an alternative!
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