Survivors-like Feature Comparison Scorecard (Form Version)

Fan Reviewers - please also use the review form when you're done with this one.

Here's a google forms version of the printable survivors-like feature comparison scorecard available at This version also includes fields for the various meta data sections, feel free to fill them in but they are optional. 

You can fill this out even if your game is not released yet. You can fill this out even if you don't consider your game a survivors-like. One of the features of how the scale and database is designed is that it should be able to generate good recommendations to fans based on similarity, and sometimes fans want something different in important ways.

Evaluate each category on how similar a game is to Vampire Survivors, from -1 to 1. We're just using Vampire Survivors as a comparison point, this ranking isn't a scale of how good a game is, just exploring the features that are in similar games and letting fans pick among them. See definitions of terms & ranking categories here. Methodology notes here. Rely heavily on vibes!

Don't worry too hard about getting it correct as scores will be adjusted to bring it more in line with other games once we've done a manual review of the game. If you want a full manual review of the game quicker, include a key. But we can't guarantee a time frame, sorry.

Scored games will be moved up to the second section for review, but will still be browsable and above like 600 other games!

Results will be used to update the spreadsheet "wiki" and for future academic study only (if anyone is interested in utilizing it) or possibly publishing in some accessible format. 
It's not for third party commercial use! Please do not scrape the sheet and paywall the info! Linking/reporting/citing/visualizing the data is fine, of course, and devs are as welcome as anyone to learn from the public resource. 

Thank you for helping with our research!
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First, are you a fan or someone who created the game?  *
Fans: Please also open and fill the review form
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Free? Free Demo? Early Access? Check any that apply. *
Categories / Tags
Part of our goal is to get Steam to implement some new tags so players can find your game easier. See here for definitions of all terms used. It doesn't really matter what we think subjectively about these terms, they're just all ones in use by fans. We're definitely using "survivors-like", obviously, but don't think that means your game needs to be like vampire survivors. 

Fans seem to use the term as a portmanteau of survivor and roguelike and in that way it is a lot more clear than the fan popular "Survivor games". 

We'll find out which are most popular with devs through this process! But I would apply any you think apply, even if you don't love the term, since it's possible we'll be sending a list to Steam to have the tags apply and we don't know yet which fans will prefer. Try to be honest, though. 
Suggested Tags (Select any you feel apply among a selection of special genre specific tags.) *
Any other Genre/Category Tags
Comma Separated, anything you'd like such as: "Content Rich, Female Protagonist" etc.
Aesthetic Tags *
At least one required. Comma Separated, what's the style of the game? Such as: "Pixel Art, HD-2D, Lofi, Vector Art, Anime" etc. 
Setting / Story Tags *
At least one required. Comma Separated, what's the setting of the game? Such as: "Fantasy, Comedy, Sci-Fi, Space" etc. 
Feature Comparison Scale
The following categories are scored from -1 to 1, where 1 would indicate full implementation of the feature, 0 might be an absence or difference, and -1 might be a critical difference or game design philosophy difference. 

Example - "Multiple Characters":

For example, on "Multiple Characters" if you have 10 characters each with unique features, you might give yourself a 1. 

If you have 3 solid choices, you might give yourself a partial score like 0.4. It's not a direct mathematical representation. 

If you have 1 character and she's fully developed, you could give yourself as 0. You have one character.

If you have no characters, the player does not control a character, the player controls a basic shape or stick figure, or the player is supposed to be a complete self insert (first person perhaps), you might give your game as far as -1 in that category. 

Some categories do not generally go negative. This is part of how the scale is weighted towards 'similar' games, some we want to use to separate widely, some we don't need as large a range of distinction. Like Bestiary, for example, your game may not have one. That's a zero. 

The exception would be where if somehow a feature was missing, against game design philosophy, and also perhaps critically broken to the point of breaking your computer. For these categories you won't be able to select below 0 yourself on this form, just to make this easier on you filling it out.

The numerical score not a value judgement on if it's a good game or how well the feature is implemented. Think of it as assigning a point on a graph far away from another point.

Scores will be tweaked. See the full description of all categories at
Category: Genre
Rogue-lite *
A rogue-like with no meta progression might be .5 for example.
Auto-Battler / Auto-Shooter *
Real Time *
Top-Down or Isometric *
Direct Control of Single Avatar (Camera Usually Centered on Player) *
Arcade Style (Little Plot Between Play) *
Bullet Heaven A: Many Player Shots *
Bullet Heaven B: Few Enemy Shots / Damage on Touch Focus *
Category: Simple Movement Focused Controls
1 Handed Play (With Controller) *
Move Only *
No Dash/Dodge/Boost *
No Trigger *
No Special Move Button *
Labeled as such or any other additional button past move, aim, dodge and trigger.
No Aiming *
No On-Attack / On-Aim Movement Penalty *
Category: Survival Game Modes
It's ok if your game includes other modes as well (you can say what kind near the end). There may be reasons we use negative scores here, but they are rare and to make this easier on you the form just caps at 0 for anything where we don't expect a self reported negative score. We'll check out the game to see if it's malware or somehow critically differs. This is one of the ways the scale can be said to be "weighted" - it wants to track these feature categories so fans can see what is included, but we don't want to separate similar games too far just by the feature and content checklist.
Timed Survival / Boss Mode *
It would be very rare to get a negative in this column. An example might be a game where the only included game mode starts you with a small clock and sees you trying to add to (IE a game where the counter going down is your primary lose condition instead of your primary win condition, like Godstrike.)
Endless Mode *
Unannounced & Organic Waves *
High Enemy Count (Horde) *
Category: Power Progression
Level on XP Gain Run Event *
 Leveling triggers pop up choice of skills right as the level happens, not on end of round or any other way.
Streamlined Level Choices *
Is the player presented with choices on level up and are they presented in a way that allows the player to move quickly through them? Three simple "cards" with a sentence or two on them would be streamlined. A full skill tree with no restriction of player choice but it coming up on level event might be 0. No leveling at all could be a -1. Same category for item/choices on end of room if it's a dungeon crawler or end of wave if it's brotato-style.
Currency Based Meta Unlocks *
Goal Based / Find Based Meta Unlocks *
Category: Depth of Buildcrafting
We're breaking down this concept in to several categories so they're not all as strongly weighted. By that, we mean we are rarely giving less than a "0" in the three middle categories. Altogether they already show a large range of difference for games that do not have leveling. You won't be able to select below that yourself in this form.
Buildcrafting *
Impactful Level / Item Options *
 Like doubling the players shots vs. 2% increase in damage.
Weapon Combination / Evolution *
Interesting Weapon/Item/Ability Synergy *
Invincible / Broke Builds Possible *
Category: Map / Stage Features
In this category it would be VERY rare to have negative scores in some of these columns. It does however happen - like if your game has no concept of health AND no concept of "ground" or stage, perhaps. But this will be very rare in the genre we're studying so for the ease of this form several categories stop at 0 for self reporting. In those categories we reserve negative scores for things that are radically different. If you think that's you let us know where in the notes!
Explorable Map *
BIG Maps *
XP / Currency on "Ground" *
Health on "Ground" *
Temp Powerups / Other Items on "Ground" *
Treasure Chests and/or Loot Events *
Vendor/Merchant on Map/Run *
Category: Depth and Breadth of Content
Some of these are more common than others to get a negative score in. Similar to previous sections, if you REALLY think your game gets one in any that caps at 0 just let us know.
Enemy Variety *
Elites & Bosses *
Many and/or Interesting Player Characters (or ships, etc) *
Many Challenges *
 Not just that it is challenging but players are presented with things to try and succeed at, perhaps with rewards or just a check list.
Multiple Stages *
Difficulty Modifiers & Rewards *
Bestiary / Lore *
Unlockable flavor text/info, not just weapon/ability descriptions.
Achievements *
Secrets *
Define this pretty broadly, including challenges without a prompt, secret achievements, easter eggs, cheat codes, etc.
Category: Aesthetics
Retro / Pixel Art Style *
Doesn't need to literally be pixel art, ascii or voxels or something would also work, etc. This is as much about a retro vibe and approach to designing the game as it is the technical method.
Damage Numbers (toggle ok) *
Lo-Fi Charm *
Bumpin' Music *
Unique/Fun Names/Writing *
No plot needed, just like names of abilities for example.
Subtle Humor *
Category: Gameplay Vibe Check
This section is particularly hard to self report. Just wing it. Scoring guide will be up soon and that will help. Negative scores in many of these should be fairly rare and probably accompanied by an explanatory angry rant in the notes.
Panic & Zen Duo Vibe *
Over the Top *
"One More Run" / Short Runs *
Difficulty Ramp (Via game mechanics) *
A good ramp via metaprogression is hard to design. It has to allow you to surmount challenges and feel stronger, but not simply make things easier. It needs to introduce difficulty via complexity, but not simply make things unfair. The best games introduce challenges and mechanics to learn to deal with them alongside each other for a satisfying difficulty ramp. Does this game have intentional mechanics like this? Or does it play the same on the first time you play it as the last, perhaps with no meta progression.

Fun Ramp (Via game mechanics) *
Does the game use unlockable power progression, complexity, etc in order to keep things interesting and fun? Ideally, even more fun! Sometimes more complex strategies are more fun to pull off, but especially when they're ramped up to in a way that prepares the player for them. 
Low Price *
 4.99 or lower gets a full score by default, if you have a shitton of content at 8 dollars you can put 1 as well, etc.
Technical Check / Functional Polish *
Is it bug free? Slowdown in endgame is expected and can be ignored.
Controls Check *
 Everything work correctly? Responsive? A game where the controls literally do not work can not be said to be "like" any game where the controls do things when you press a button.
Fun Check  *
Pure Vibes, try to be honest with yourself if you're a dev.
Feels like Vampire Survivors (Vibe check) *
Scoring Notes! 
Let us know anything you want to about the game or how you scored it. THESE MAY BE EDITED AND THEN POSTED PUBLICLY. You can also put marketing text here. If you don't put anything, we'll pull some from your steam page. There are fields for more detailed notes in certain categories below, so you may want to check those out before writing too much here.
Meta Information
The above will be used to generate the ranking position! But there's a lot of ways to make the information more readable to your potential players.

Please fill out the other information to the best of your ability! This will help us get your info into the listing as soon as possible. Please fill it based on current features and not planned ones (update us if things change.) Much of this is optional but having it will help us get you up to the main listing as soon as possible, since it needs to be filled in before they move there.
Sprite Images (Optional!)
Would you like to add some images to your game's profile on the website and for use around the site in navigation and fun parts? It will show the name of your game, the name of the enemy/character/ship and in layout sections will link directly to your game. It's another way to show off your game's art and get more traffic. The requirements are ideally: Transparent Gif or Webp, "Moving" to the right, ideally squarish. Naming convention is "name-from_game-name.gif". If you don't have gifs, you can send a sprite sheet. We will use up to 3 images from your game but feel free to send more to pick from! Please drop direct links to a zip file or other share folder below.
Number of Steam Reviews
We'll check and update the external review scores, but you can drop them in here if you'd like to save us a little bit of time. Just say n/a if the game is upcoming or hasn't been reviewed yet.
Percent Positive of Steam Reviews
Metacritic Score: Critic Metascore
Number of Critic Metacritic Reviews
Metacritic Score: User Average
Number of User Metacritic Reviews
Included Game Modes / Features *
Please select all modes that are in the game. Some things like "campaign" and "level based" may overlap. Or "dungeon crawl" and "branching paths". Select any you think apply. This may be listed directly or converted to sentence format describing how the game works.
Game Mode Notes
Here you can tell us the names of the game modes, Example: "The campaign mode is called Story Mode and has 10 survival stages. After playing it, you unlock endless survival."
Tutorial *
How does the player learn to play? Is there a tutorial the player must complete? Do any of the concepts below apply? Select any you think apply. It's ok if they seem conflicting (like "no tutorial" and "guide in menu"), this will get checked over. It just helps us check it and see how devs think about it. Also, don't worry, having no or little tutorial can be considered a good thing by many players!
Any Tutorial Notes?
People can have very strong feelings about tutorials and they can change based on the kind of game, so knowing about this can help!
Meta Progression / Unlocks *
If there's no meta progression (arcade, campaign style games, etc) just put "none." Otherwise, how does meta progression work in this game? Does it unlock more stages as you go, more gameplay modes or modifiers? Does it unlock characters, abilities, or "cards"? Is there permanent power progression and is it done with goal based or currency based unlocks or both? Can you refund currency based unlocks and re-select them? Stuff like that.
In Run Progression and Buildcrafting *
How does the player increase in power and ability through a run? Do they gather powerups? Do they gather an xp resource, then level up? Are they presented with a complex skill tree or three randomized options? Here's the place to make those notes.
Average Run Time *
It's common to say a game has "30 minute runs" if the initial goal is to survive for that amount of time, like in Vampire Survivors. In our spreadsheet we refer to "Run Time" as the "standard" length of play, but this also usually means outside of endless or campaign modes. This usually refers to a dungeon crawl run outside of the wave context (for example how long it takes to beat a Hades session). If the game isn't run based, what is the length of making your way through the average play experience? For example, a vertically scrolling spaceship arcade game might have a half hour play session if you manage to do a one credit clear. This category is very important to lunch break gamers. Put "not applicable" if not or "endless" if it's endless. Otherwise just put one number here. Example: "30m"

Run Time / Round Notes *
This is where you can make notes on the run time. If it's broken up into rounds with a minute long, for example, put it here. If the default is endless but you stop upgrading at 30 minutes, put that info down. Or you can describe the multiple options for run times.
Speed Modifiers *
Does the game allow you to speed up gameplay and how? Please specify how. For example, in Vampire Survivors you can unlock a 2x speed. In Nomad Survival, you can select a 3x speed from the menu at any time without needing to unlock. In some games you can select to speed it up, but it disables achievements or progression. Please specify any details like that or write "none."
Control Style *
How does the game control? Is it a movement only game? Is it a complex action with many controls? Would you call it a single stick shooter? Example: "It's a twin stick shooter with trigger and an often-used dodge button."
Control Support *
Which of these control schemes are available? Check all that apply.
Automated Fire and Aiming Features *
How much is automated? Check all that apply, but choose between the two design preferences for optional auto features (On by default, off by default)
Auto Notes
Optional notes to explain any edge cases about the auto features, don't feel a need to fill this if you feel the above covered it. 
Control and Accessibility Notes (Optional)
One of our goals is to do an accessibility walkthrough / little UX study of these games, but if you want to note any accessibility features you can make optional notes here
Menu Notes (Optional)
This is super optional, but just a nerdy thing we're doing is full menu walkthroughs, notes on how level up UI looks etc. If you want you can talk about stuff here or even write out menu trees, but this takes a while so it's totally totally optional
Select all that apply
Number of Players
And any other multiplayer notes if you want to clarify how that works. Explain if hotseat or local turnbased or whatnot.
Steam Features
Adult Content? *
Community Resources
Check any that you have. You don't need to give us a link unless it's really hard to find. Steam page and forum is assumed! The "Tag" means the way some sites will give you a browsable category if the game has enough content.
Community / Social Links (Optional)
We're trying not to make the survey take too long, so it's ok if you just check the boxes and we can find your links. But if something is very hard to find, or you'd like to link us anything, just put that here! Comma separated please! 
Platform Compatibility *
Number Of Steam Achievements (If available)
Soundtrack: What platforms can the soundtrack be found on? 
Price *
Developer Name *
Publisher Name *
Just put dev name here if you don't have a publisher
Release Date *
 Feel free to clarify multiple ones if you had an EA date and a general date, etc.
Fully Released?
Is the game out of beta / early access / etc and available for purchase? Most games still have planned updates, so it's not asking if it's "done", just if it's "released." That's the point where it generally gets more reviews.
How do you feel the game compares to Vampire Survivors? Would you recommend it as similar or recommend it as different?
Optional: Here's the place to remark on how you feel the game compares to a game like Vampire Survivors. What is similar and what is different? Was anything inspired by VS or did the game come out earlier and do similar things? It's ok to say subjective things like you feel it has better buildcrafting, etc or to say outright that you think players of VS would not have a fun time unless they're looking for something different. People are often looking for something different in a particular way!
Any other info you'd like us to know? Thanks so much for making a cool indie game!!
Thank you! Please fill out the review form if you're a fan or reviewer!
Remember to fill out the review form at after submitting this one if you're a fan reviewer. Make sure you're done submitting this one first! If you're a dev, feel free to ask a fan to fill out the review form. Your game will be moved into the full ranking once we have both a comparison score and metadata survey and a review. You can comment in in additions, updates or corrections any time by simply right clicking on a cell in the google sheet
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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