POC-SWOP Leadership Interest Form
POC-SWOP was founded by two sex workers of color (swoc) to address the lack of resources and support for other swoc in the Seattle area. We are currently focusing the majority of our efforts on Green Light Project, a grassroots and peer-led outreach program that uses harm reduction principles to provide safe sex and safe use supplies to street-based sex workers and drug users on North Aurora. But there's so much more we could be doing to reach swoc and build community.

We are hoping that through this form, we can gauge interest in POC-SWOP leadership to move this work forward in ways the community wants. We need to start setting chapter priorities, create systems of accountability, and put forward a coherent mission. We are looking for folks who can help do these things or at least be present in the room while we work through the minutia.

To learn more, visit us at pocswop.swopusa.org/about-us
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