Lean Kanban Train the Trainer - India
Before you register for the Lean Kanban University (LKU) Train the Trainer class, you must understand the terms and requirements of the Lean Kanban University Accredited Kanban Trainer (AKT) program. Please confirm your understanding and agreement to the following statements.

For a details about the Lean Kanban Train the Trainer class, go to http://anderson.leankanban.com/ttt

** These are the terms and prices for India only. If you are based in another country and only planning on taking the Train the Trainer class in India, please contact us at lku@leankanban.com for correct pricing. **

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You must use the LKU standard class materials in LKU certified Kanban classes
While you may translate the materials and you may add to the materials, you cannot change or replace the slides without permission.
You must use the provided LKU slides when teaching LKU certified Kanban classes. *
There are 2 primary license fee options for AKTs once they are approved and begin the program:
Minimum annual Commitment of $1,750 with per student certificate fees ranging from $14 - $56.

Pay as You Go:
Minimum annual Commitment of $350 with per student certificate fees ranging from $35 - $70.

(Additional Program Options may be available. Please contact us at lku@leankanban.com to receive a full list of options)

Program fees are associated with becoming an Accredited Kanban Trainer with Lean Kanban University. *
The per-student certificate fee yearly quota is per-trainer. Each Accredited Kanban Trainer has a requirement to pay student certificate fees per year, even if they work for the same company. *
Corporate Internal trainers who only train within their employer's company, have different financial terms.
Licensed Training Organizations are companies that offer LKU certified Kanban training classes.
Licensed Training Organizations may or may not have their own Accredited Kanban Trainers. They are allowed to hire any AKT in the world who is willing to work with them. Often they use their own employees if they are AKTs.

Accredited Kanban Trainers are not required to be associated with a Licensed Training Organization. Also, a company can "sponsor" an AKT without being a Licensed Training Organization.

If you are attending the Lean Kanban Train the Trainer class, you are NOT required to also have a Licensed Training Organization. It is an option that is available to you.

Only Licensed Training Organizations can place logos on training materials and certificates. *
Accredited Kanban Trainers can teach without a Licensed Training Organization but then only the trainer's name will appear on the training materials and the student certificates.
The fee for Licensed Training Organizations based in India is USD $875.00 per year. This is a flat fee regardless of how many Kanban classes are offered or taught. *
A Licensed Training Organization may offer training anywhere in the world.
The Lean Kanban Train the Trainer class is for those who want to offer LKU certified Kanban training in a classroom environment.
This class focuses on learning the class curriculum. It also does not teach you how to do Kanban or what Kanban is. We do cover some "hard questions" to help you answer student questions.

For those who want to learn about the daily coaching of Kanban, we recommend the Kanban Coaching Professional Masterclass. You may want to take both. For those who are entirely new to Kanban, you should take a LKU Foundations class first.

Every Lean Kanban Train the Trainer student must present a short Kanban case study to the class. *
This case study should describe a kanban initiative with which the TTT student was involved.
Completing the Lean Kanban Train the Trainer course does NOT automatically make the TTT student an LKU Accredited Kanban Trainer. *
Each TTT student will be evaluated and receive either approval or a recommendation to get further training or co-train with an experienced AKT in an actual class.
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