Excellence in Online Teaching and Learning (EOTL) 2019-2020 - Registration and Readiness Survey
To register for EOTL 2019-2020, please fill out the contact information and complete the readiness survey below.

The information on this form will be used by the Centre for Teaching and Learning to provide you with information regarding your registration. This form is hosted by Google and the information you provide is being transmitted to their servers in other countries and will be subject to the policy and laws of the hosting country. If you prefer not to submit information through Google, please email CTL@rdc.ab.ca
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Audit and Certified Tracks
The Audit Track is fully independent / asynchronous engagement with EOTL. Each course will walk you through key resources and will contain some small learning activities (e.g. quizzes, self-reflection, engagement with some technology, etc). The Audit Track is designed to help you build your knowledge around different aspects of teaching online.

The Certified Track is designed to provide you with opportunities to practice EOTL knowledge, with support and feedback from Learning Designers. Certified Projects will involve the creation of different curriculum pieces that can be incorporated into an online teaching environment.

You can change tracks after registration simply by contacting the CTL (ctl@rdc.ab.ca or 356-4989).
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EOTL Courses
The program will be made available through Blackboard on October 15, 2019, and consists of seven courses. You can start and work through each course in any order you choose.

Submission of the Certified Projects can occur any time up until May 31, 2020 (and meetings with Learning Designers will take place no later than June 15, 2020).

Please be prepared to dedicate approximately two to five hours each course to meet the requirements for EOTL (Certified Track). One exception to this is Course 5: Universal Design for Learning, which will take approximately 10 hours to complete.
Please indicate which courses you are considering completing upon registration (Audit or Certified Track). *
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