StaykX - Onboarding Project Application Form
Thank you for being interested in providing Stayking solutions for your project, on the StaykX platform.

In order to promote safe practises from projects within the XRPL, we require every project that wants to launch a Stayking pool to fill out this form and reach the 1000 points of verification. If you pass the 1000 points of verification, we will then move onto the interview process. Please provide details to all relevant information requested in this form.

Lack of smart contracts within the XRPL means that the StaykX protocol may operate differently to how you expect, please review the Whitepaper for all the details before proceeding.
All information can be found online at:

You do not have to answer every question, you just need 1000 points of verification. Upon completion, you will move onto the interview phase of the onboarding process. This stage will also give you a chance you clarify any questions you may have.

Please note, the interview stage will be completed via a video conference.

Any personal information submitted through this form, and the onboarding process, will not be shared publicly without permission. The only exception will be during emergency circumstances, if the StaykX team deems fit (i.e. in reference to rug-pulls or scams). During these situations, only necessary data will/may be released. The goal is to provide a safe working environment for all XRPL projects, it is not to exploit the personal security/data of innovators.
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Email *
Project Details
These do not contribute to the verification points, and are compulsory. More details will be required upon confirmation of an interview.
Project Name *
Twitter Handle *
Token Ticker *
Please ensure correct capitalisation is used
Issuing Address *
Verification Section
All questions are optional, but a minimum of 1000 points is needed for a project to move onto the interview phase. Please ensure everything is answered accurately.
First and/or Last Name
100 points each (200 points max)
Public Doxxing/Face Reveal to Community
200 points (please attach a relevant link)
Country of Origin
100 points (if this information is public, please attach a relevant link)
100 points (please attach a relevant link)
Roadmap Extending Past 2022
100 points (please attach a relevant link)
50 points (please attach a relevant link)
100 points (please attach a relevant link)
Other Handles
50 points per handle (incl. team accounts and platforms other than Twitter, 200 points max)
Issuing Address XUMM KYC
100 points (please attach the issuing address again, if relevant)
Other Forms of Address Registration
50 points per address (please attach each address that is labelled/registered under your project's structure, this refers to XRPL addresses with domains, logos and/or names linked to them, 200 points max)
300 points (please attach your GlobaliD link, ensure the account includes at least 1 form of Government ID verification)
Business Email
100 points (this email address should be clearly linked to your project)
Company/Business Registration
400 points (include the relevant details of your project's registration in the relevant jurisdiction)
Please ensure you have provided at least 1000 points of verification
If you have any issues completing the form, please contact @StaykX_ on Twitter, or email
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