JPAR Litter Registration
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Congratulations on your new little piggies. When we receive this form we will put your litter on the Litter Announcement Page to let prospective buyers know what is available. You will also get blue registration forms, one for each of your piglets. Please give these to the new owners so they can quickly and easily register their new pet or breeder. This blue slip tells the buyer that they are purchasing a quality animal from a reputable breeder out of a registered litter.
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Dam's Registered Name *
the name of the Mom
Dam's Registration Number *
If your registration certificate isn't handy you can look up the information on the database
Dam's Body Color
One more way we can be sure we are talking about the same pig
Dam's Spot Color
Dam's Owners name
Dam's Owners Phone Number
Dam's Owners E-mail
Sire's Registered Name *
The full name of the Father of the litter.
Sire's Registration Number *
Sire's Body Color *
Sire's Spot Color *
Sire's Owners Name
Skip if same as Dam
Sire's Owners Phone Number
Skip if same as Dam
Sire's Owners E-Mail Address
Skip if same as Dam
Date of Farrowing *
When were the babies born?
Number of Males *
Number of Females *
Breeding was consented to by the owners of both parents *
Both parents were purchased with breeding rights *
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