Firekeeper Application
Questions for interested teens of the Firekeeper program at White Pine Wilderness Academy. We are excited to bring on committed and passionate people to the White Pine Wilderness Academy team. Please, answer each open ended question with a few full sentences.
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Why are you interested in becoming a Firekeeper? *
In your words, what is a Firekeeper? *
Working with younger people demands a lot of talking and playing. It is important to know how you recharge from this type of work. Would you consider yourself introverted or extroverted?
Being a Firekeeper entails speaking up, learning new skills, being a part of a team, and disciplining young students, what challenges can you envision in being a Firekeeper? *
Being a Firekeeper means sharing your passions, learning new things, being apart of a group, and exploring your horizons, what strengths will you bring to being a Firekeeper? *
There are expectations for Firekeeper attendance and timeliness. How will you get to White Pine and other destinations? *
We use email and an app called Slack to communicate, do you have access to technology that would allow you to check these regularly? Check any that apply. *
Do you have other extracurricular activities during the year? When are these other commitments?
Are you interested in... *
What is your favorite part of being in nature?
Describe a strong natural connection (plant, animal, and place) that you have, by sharing why you have this connection, how it occurred, and what is special about this animal connection.
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