Handy Manny's Painting - Estimate Request
Please include as much information as you can. If any additional information is needed before providing you with an estimate, we will contact you within 48 hours.   Because we are a very small business, estimates may take 3-5 business days once we have all the necessary information. If your project is time-sensitive, you can send us a follow-up email to hello@handymannyspainting.com once you've filled out this form.

Please email all videos and pictures to hello@handymannyspainting.com.  You can also send them to us via Facebook private message at facebook.com/mannypaintsitall 
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If you need painting, please check off all the surfaces you will need painted. You can specify which surfaces are needed in which rooms in the following question.
Please tell us more about what you need painted. If there are multiple rooms, please list each room and what surfaces you would like painted in each.
What color(s) paint you would like to use?  A general idea (e.g., gray, white, off-white, navy blue, etc.) is fine.
Would you like any accent walls? If so, how many and what color(s)?
If you need repairs, please specify what type of repairs are needed and where. (Note: Cracks in the drywall or plaster are considered repairs)
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For virtual estimates, please email video(s) of all spaces needing painting to mannypaintsitall@gmail.com. You can also send them to us via Facebook private message at facebook.com/mannypaintsitall. If you prefer not to (or are unable to) send any videos, you can also send us pictures of the rooms WITH the room measurements (length and width). We cannot typically estimate based on pictures alone. If you're looking for move-in painting, a link to your new home's listing is often enough. 
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