SCYR Request for Disciplinary Review / Request Inquiry
Utilize this form to request review of SCYR Member Player or Coach conduct. This is a very detailed information collection tool and provides SCYR Staff and if necessary, the SCYR Disciplinary Committee adequate information to process the complaint. SCYR takes all complaints seriously and will process your report / request for inquiry in a timely fashion. To the maximum extent practical, your complaint will be processed within two business days for minor offenses and within five business days for more complex cases. SCYR Inc. reserves the right to take longer than five days to fully adjudicate cases that require extensive inquiry.

For complex cases that require SCYR Disciplinary Committee attention, you can expect to be contacted if the process of inquiry is expected to take longer than five business days.

For complex cases, or cases that seek to overturn or upgrade a match official's ruling on the field of play, conclusive evidence in the form of unedited video or pictorial artifacts are REQUIRED. This includes "missed calls" or conduct outside of the match official's field of view. Assigned Match Officials are considered EXPERT Witnesses and their accounts of actions on the pitch carry exceptional weight.

Forms that contain inadequate detail or do not demonstrate a basis for a complaint will not be accepted. You will be notified via the contact information supplied if your form is not accepted. A rational will be given for its rejection and you will have an opportunity to resubmit. For process time line purposes, the time line for complaints does not begin until a properly completed form is submitted.

Because SCYR Inc. takes the conduct of its members on and off the field of play very seriously, complaints that are seen as frivolous or if the process is seen as being abused with the intent to harm an SCYR club, team or member, SCYR Inc, reserves the right to fine or otherwise penalize individual members or organizations who are found to file frivolous or injurious complaints.

As a matter of process, the SCYR DC restricts its inquiry to the scope of the original complaint, however the SCYR DC reserves the right to consider the totality of evidence provided and expand the scope of the inquiry beyond that of the initial complaint filed if the evidence presented by complainant or additional witnesses brings to light additional causes for broader inquiry.

If you have any questions regarding the Disciplinary process or the status of your report / request, please contact the SCYR Disciplinary Vice President of the Board of Directors at

You will be asked for your email address twice. Please respond to both requests.
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