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How would you like to be a part of the Rising Tide community?

Please fill out the information under any section you wish to apply for. Additional details can be found in that section. Thank you for your willingness to give back!

1. Venue Host - Meetups
2. Venue Host - Other Events
3. Sponsor - Food and/or Drinks
4. Speaker or Panel Guest
5. Contributor
6. Documentation
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Venue Host - TuesdaysTogether Meetups
Provide a location for our monthly meetups.
- Includes two hours on the second Tuesday of the month. Start and end times of your choosing.
- Able to accommodate an average of 12-20 people
- All locations accepted, from fitness studio to boutique
What is the name and location of your venue?
What month would you like to apply for?
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Venue Host - Events
Provide a location for events outside of our monthly meetup, such as coffee dates, workshops, styled shoots, etc
Tell us about your venue:
What month would you like to apply for?
Sponsor - Food and/or Drinks
Become a meetup sponsor by donating snacks or drinks to the event.
- Open to individuals, as well as food and drink professionals
What month would you like to apply for?
Speaker or Panel Guest
Share your knowledge with the group by speaking at the meetup or private group. Examples:
- 5 to 15 minute session during our TuesdaysTogether meetup
- A live Q&A in our Facebook Group
- Instagram Stories Takeover (of the chapter account)
What month would you like to apply for?
Our monthly topic is always a broad subject. What idea or talking points do you have to present? For example, how to create a cohesive Instagram feed.
Provide an article, freebie, quick tip, quote, or other item for our email newsletter.
What month would you like to apply for?
Do you have any ideas of what you could create or offer?
Blog about one of our meetups (on your site) alongside photos or video.
- Open to all bloggers (not just photographers or videographers)
What month would you like to apply for?
The Heart of TuesdaysTogether
The Rising Tide Society is open to Creative Entrepreneurs, Weekend Warriors, and Small Business CEOs in hopes of growing and thriving in the spirit of Community over Competition. We aim to be a safe and welcoming space for all creatives, from hobbyists to experts across all creative industries.

Our Core Values:
- People come first
- We go the extra mile
- We love what we do
- We are fearless
- We are family
Do you agree with the purpose and values of Rising Tide, to build community over self-promotion, and embrace purpose over popularity? *
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