Summer 2019 Performance Registration
We are excited to welcome you to our Summer performance!
Performance will be held at Spadina Theatre, located at 24 Spadina Rd.

Registration for Summer 2019 performance closes on Saturday, May 25th.

Singer's Edge Performance Dates:
Sunday, June 16th 12-7
Saturday, June 22nd 12-8:30

Full Name *
Your account name with us. If your "performer" name is different from your "real" name, you can include that in the next box.
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Performer's Name *
Please use the name you'd like used in our program (distributed only to attendees of the event). eg James Smith/ James S. / Lil J / Smithsonian
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Who is your teacher *
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What song are you performing? *
Please provide the song title. If you aren't decided now, indicate TBD. However to ensure your spot in the performance, your song title must be emailed to no later than Saturday, May 25, 2019.
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Original artist of song you are performing *
Please provide the original artist name of the song you are performing (eg if you are performing "Someone Like You" indicate "Adele". If you haven't decided a song, indicate TBD. However to ensure your spot in the performance, your song title must be emailed to no later than Saturday, May 25, 2019.
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Please choose your performance option (check all that apply): *
Please note: A baby grand piano will be available for accompaniment and performance.
What is your preference for performance days or times? *
Schedule subject to change* Performance days are divided into hour blocks of 45 minute back-to-back performances. Performers blocks are assigned by coach and they have indicated their availability as per below. You may choose a performance block your coach has chosen. You may also choose an alternative time that is more convenient for you, but note that your coach may not be able to attend your performance. We will let your coach know so they can prepare you accordingly. We will also provide your performance details to a coach in your chosen time block so an alternate coach may support you on the day of!
Performance Length *
Students are allotted performance times based on their song type.
I agree to submit my backing track NO LATER than Saturday, May 25, 2019. I agree to approve the song choice, version, key and length of the track with my coach before submitting. *
Any Other Requests?
Let us know if you have special requests for how you'd like to be introduced, or what else you need so we can make sure the show runs smoothly.
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Respecting The Other Performers *
I agree to be present during the entire 45 min block and that my friends, family and I will stay until every performer for our assigned time is complete. I understand that leaving before the end of the set I am a part of, can be disruptive and disrespectful to the other performers, their friends and their families.
Photo/Video Consent & Release *
I give consent for singer's edge to use images of myself in photos and videos which may be featured in the studio and in the use of promotional materials.
This Free Performance & Red Carpet event is only available to our current students. Are you registered and taking lessons? *
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