Great Composers - WCP mini-course registration deadline January 21, 2021
Mini-Course: Great Composers - Music History, Perspective, and Style
Instructor: Mr. Mario Portev

Tuesdays| 3:30 & 4:30pm
Class begins on January 28, 2021

Class Length: 60 min for 10 weeks
Class Size: 7-10 Students
Tuition: $120 for WCP Members
$150 for non-members

In this class, students will explore music from the Medieval period through the Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, and Romantic eras up to the Modern period. Each period will be introduced with an overview of important historical events and characteristics of art and musical style, followed by discussions of key composers and their signature pieces. This course is divided into two age-appropriate modules, see below. Students will work on weekly assignments as well as group projects.

Module 1 (for younger students)
focuses on composers’ biographies, fun facts, and historical events that help understand each music period. Weekly homework will be assigned to encourage students to listen to music.

Module 2 (for older students)
focuses on in-depth knowledge about the historical background, life-events, emotion, and reason that influenced the composers’ creative process, and music interpretation. Students are encouraged to do topical research and present the results.

Westford Chamber Players (WCP) is a non-profit organization consisting of student and professional musicians who strive to promote music education and serve local communities, uniting their skills, talents, and appreciation of classical chamber music.
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