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Please contact course instructor Steve Newcom at Steve@kaleo.center pr 763-458-5604 if you have any questions.
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The Kaleo Center Action Learning Cohort grounds itself in a frame of spiritual reflection, and encourages links between working for justice in the world and spiritual practice. Do you identify with a faith tradition, religion, or spiritual practice? If so, how would you describe your faith, religion, or spiritual practice. If not, are there thoughts that you would like to add here? Note that you do not have to identify as either a person of faith or a person of religious or spiritual practice to participate in the cohort. *
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How would you describe your educational background? Encore Impact is designed for people with a variety of learning experiences and learning styles, and does not require any particular level of formal education or training. Participants should expect to engage in reading, writing, and discussion. We will ask you to engage critical thinking skills and social analysis alongside personal reflection and other forms of interactive learning. *
Tuition for the 2019-2020 Kaleo Center Action Learning Cohort is $1200, with a sliding scale based on an ability to pay. In addition to a sliding scale, we are able to offer payment plans for the tuition cost. Please let us know what you are able to pay and what schedule would be best. *
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